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Applus+ A2MI in brief

About A2mi

Applus+ A2MI, an accredited materials testing laboratory

Applus+ A2MI (A2M Industries, S.A.S) is a COFRAC 17025 accredited metallurgical testing laboratory, offering mechanical testing, metallography, machining and chemical analysis. Our expertise in the field of metallic materials allows us to support our customers throughout their projects:

  • R&D or Innovation programs
  • Characterisation and qualification of materials
  • Quality control
  • Special tests

The Applus+ A2MI Laboratory is located in the Saint-Etienne region, in the area that saw the birth of special steels flagship of the French metallurgical industry. Since 1994, Applus+ A2MI has been using its expertise and technical skills to support professionals in the aerospace, automotive, medical, mechanical, petrochemical, chemical and nuclear industries.


A local partner with the advantages of a global network

In 2019, Applus+ A2MI joined the Applus+ Group, one of the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification companies. Our laboratory has become part of the Applus+ Laboratories division, which has a unique network of materials testing laboratories in Europe, China and North America.

Our capabilities, combined with our accreditations and approvals, allow us to offer our customers complete, high-value-added solutions in the field of testing.

Applus+ A2MI