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Our customers

From analyses of metals to special mechanical tests, including test specimen-based material testing, the know-how and expertise of Applus+ A2MI team serves industries and areas such as:

Aerospace industry


After having obtained SAFRAN SNECMA aeronautical approval from its creation, Applus+ A2MI obtained NADCAP certification in 2017 in order to confirm its position in the aeronautics market.

Our metallography technicians are DMC 261 trained for micrographic points on parts.

Nuclear industry


The Applus+ A2MI team analyzes various RCCM nuances in the context of European nuclear development.

Our short deadlines make it possible to respond to emergencies of maintenance shutdowns and we welcome inspectors from the nuclear sector as part of comprehensive services.



Applus+ A2MI is positioned on the market with short deadlines and strong overall control of the internal testing process.

Our 17025 accreditation means our customers can rest assured of our full compliance with nuance standards.

Petrochemistry industry


Our complete service perfectly meets the needs for verifications of material certificates.
Our short deadlines allow us to respond favourably to on-site maintenance.



Applus+ A2MI is a partner of various institutes and schools within the framework of the research tax credit.

Our diverse and complementary resources allow us to carry out in-depth research in the context of materials analysis.

Applus+ A2MI