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Fatigue Testing

Applus+ A2MI has the necessary expertise to carry out tests on the entire Wöhler curve (also known as SN curve) and thus has the equipment necessary to carry out oligocyclic fatigue tests from 20°C to 750°C, endurance (plane, traction compression), cracking rate and non-propagation threshold up to 650°C.

Applus + A2MI has the technology and expertise to perform gigacyclic testing at 20 kHz:

  • 1 INSTRON 100kN hydraulic fatigue testing machines (90 Hz max) with hydraulic jaw (ambient) and thermal chamber (-150 / +350°C) for testing with screed and 3-point bending (extensometer limited to + 200°C).
  • 1 SCHENCK electromechanical fatigue testing machine 100kN (0.5 Hz max) with threaded fixing tools for testing at room temperature.
Applus+ A2MI