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Tensile Testing

Tractions at -196 ° C and between -100 ° C and 1000 ° C. 5 tensile machines capable of applying loads up to 600 kN.

Machine equipped with mechanical clamps with a capacity of 250 kN, making it possible to perform:

  • tests on cylindrical (max. Ø 30 mm) and prismatic (max. 60 mm thickness) specimens
  • tests on tubes (max. ø 60 mm) or complex assemblies (tools on request)

The tensile tests can be carried out between -100 ° C and 350 ° C in a thermal chamber (maximum distance 300 mm) with a basic breaking extensometer adjustable between 10 mm and 100 mm and 120 mm stroke.

Beyond this, the tensile tests are carried out in a furnace heated by resistance up to 1200°C with an extensometer (base 10 to 50 mm) palpating on the calibrated part of the test piece through a window of the furnace.

The tensile tests can be controlled in strain or stress at a constant or variable speed according to the main standards. We are accredited for FRAMATOME specification 715.

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