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About us

2019 breaking news : A2M Industry is now part of Applus+ Laboratories!


A2M Industrie is an independent laboratory located in the St. Etienne region in the very area that created special steels and was home to the jewels in the crown of the French metallurgy industry. Since 1994, the A2M Industrie laboratory has been providing support for professionals in the metallurgy and mechanics sector.

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Know-how and skills at the service of professionals

Ranging from metal analyses to special mechanical tests and including test specimen-based material testing, the A2M Industrie team places its know-how and expertise at the service of industry in :

Know-how and skills at the service of professionals

Approvals guaranteeing our quality

After obtaining SNECMA aeronautical accreditation when it was founded, A2M Industrie has been accredited by COFRAC since 2001 for :

...thus complying with ISO 17025 standard requirements for laboratory testing.

NADCAP since 2017.

Approvals guaranteeing our quality

Consulting and expertise

A2M Industrie is made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals in the metallurgy and mechanics sectors.

We provide you with support for your tests throughout the design chain for your industrial projects, ensuring optimum response times.

Consulting and expertise
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